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USC Graduate Work

I will graduate from the University of Southern California Rossier School of Education in May 2016 with a Master of Education in Postsecondary Administration and Student Affairs degree, PASA for short.

“Rossier leads the field in innovative, collaborative solutions to improve education outcomes. Our work is field-based, in the classroom, and online, and reflects a diversity of perspectives and experiences. We pride ourselves on innovation in all our programs, preparing teachers, administrators, and educational leaders who are change agents.”

“The ‘PASA’ program prepares graduates for a variety of professional roles in higher education administration and student affairs, from academic advising to residential life, admissions to athletic programs.”


Here’s a snapshot of the classes I have taken*:



foundafoundationsThis course provides an introduction to the roles and functions of higher education from historical and contemporary perspectives. Students will understand and appreciate the historical factors that shaped the development of various forms of postsecondary educational institutions in the United States and analytically place current exigencies and challenges in a historical context.


Legal Issues


This course analyzes selected legal issues related to the administration of higher education, emphasizing relations with students, faculty, staff, and selected policy issues. Students will become familiar with the multiple sources of constitutional, statutory, case law, and regulatory law that govern higher education, and develop rudimentary legal research skills. Students will also learn to understand the organization and governance of higher education from a legal perspective.





This course exposes students to a wide array of change theories, explore the complexities of change leadership and management and evaluate change scenarios by understanding change and tools for change. Students will learn how to recognize and analyze change dilemmas in current events and how to select appropriate change strategies.




Politics of Difference



This course focuses on the diversity of human experiences and the increasing globalization of educational environments. Students will examine the construction of social and political power structures in the U.S. and how these experiences may be shaping the college environment. Students will also identify and evaluate strategies by which Student Affairs professionals attempt to facilitate a more equitable and globally informed campus climate.

Student Affairs Work in College

student affairsThis course is designed as an introduction to and overview of student affairs work within colleges and universities and will include an overview of the theoretical basis of the profession, administrative and organizational structures of student affairs, professional foundations and principles, multifaceted functions, roles, and activities associated with student affairs functional areas, and an introduction to professional associations and journals


Student Development

student developmentstudent developThe content of this course provides students with a foundation in the basic principles of adult and human development as applied to post-secondary education. This course provides a developmental theory and research framework for a common language for communicating the purpose of interventions, programs and, subsequent, impact of college on students’ growth.




Research Methods and Data Analysis



This course is designed to provide an overview of research design and data analysis with the purpose of enabling educators and administrators to be good consumers of research. Students will learn how to use the methods and findings of educational research to address their professional needs, interests, and problems, how to access and identify credible research literature about education, and how to read and critically evaluate articles that report research studies.

Ethnography (Spring 2016)



Career Development


This course is intended to acquaint the student with the major theories in this field and provide students with an introduction to career assessment instruments. A holistic approach to career counseling is identified. This course is designed to assist students with a wide variety of resources, techniques, and theoretical approaches in providing career counseling to diverse populations based on identified needs.



The Student Athlete

student athstude

This course provides students with balanced theoretical and practical competencies about student-athletes and college athletics at large. Students will critically examine the multi-faceted lives of student-athletes and consider the ways in which the NCAA and institutions have succeeded and failed to serve student athletes at all competitive levels. This course covers the history of the student-athlete; effective strategies for counseling and advising student athletes; and student-athlete academic and social accountability.

Interventions (Spring 2016)


*Many of these course descriptions are taken from the course syllabus.

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